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A very simple ASP.NET project showing how to easily add "Login with Facebook" to your ASP.NET app

I was looking for something similar myself, but there was nothing like this! All I found was either abandoned buggy open-source initiatives - or big, complex, heavy authentication libraries working with OpenID/Twitter/Facebook/blackjack-and-hookers...

So I dived into the Facebook's developer docs (the ugliest docs I've ever read BTW) and I created this very simple project that you can extend. Just two files, 10 lines of code each.

The only "library" I use here is the JSON serializer (to make the whole thing compatible with ASP.NET 2.0)

No download, just get the latest source code, the solution is very small, 3 files.

We use this code at Jitbit Software for the helpdesk ticketing software , it worked fine for years, so we decided to share it.

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